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Office: +256 200 900 009

Office: +256 200 900 009


Crimped Sheets

Crimped Sheets (Bull-Nose Sheets)

Bull-nose sheets are crimped sheets whose application is artistic designing and decorated used on canopies for commercial vehicles, open shelters. They are mainly produced in three shapes: single bend, double bend & dome shape, at present IT 5 is the only profile that we produce .

Standard bends for bull nose are 1.5 ft (0.5 meters) and 2 ft ( 0.61 meters) however other bends can be produced according to customers requirements.

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Thickness G24-0.5mm, G26-0.4mm, G28-0.32mm, G30-0.25mm, G32-0.20mm
Shape Ordinary Bull Nose, Dome Shaped



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